Past Series

Written by PhilD41 on Apr 10, 2016

Counter-Cultural Living:

The Upside Down Ways of Jesus
Mission Possible
Above and Beyond
Don’t be a Serial Killer
Being a Person of Christlike Integrity
Living Like Christ by Loving Without Limits
Motives Matter
Where are your Treasures
Worry – What you believe is what you become
Specks Logs and the Church Community
Conclusion to the Sermon on the Mount

Jesus in the Exodus:

The Redeemer Responds
The Redeemer Reveals His Glory
The Redeemer Judges and Saves
The Redeemer is Worthy of Praise
The Redeemer in the Wilderness
The Redeemers Mediating Work

The Jesus Thread:

Garden Coverings
The Lord Provides Atonement
Atonement Frees Us From God’s Judgment
Atonement Reconciles Us to God
Atonement Purifies Our Hearts
Water From the Rock
The Bronze Serpent Lifted Up
The Sign of Jonah
The Suffering Servant Wounded for Us
Behold the Lamb
The Bread of Life
Life in Light of Christs Sacrifice

The Journey:


Gods Glory – A Reputation at Stake
The Gospel – God’s Glory on Display
Whole-Hearted Love for God
Growing in Christlikeness
The Profitability of God’s Word
Keeping in Step with the Spirit
Some Assembly Required
God’s Agenda & Where CBC Fits In
What WORSHIP Requires
Equipped for Battle
How to Truly CONNECT with Others
Sharing the Good News
True Love Expressed In Humble Service


Alien Invasion:


Aliens in a Foreign Land
How to Find Joy in the Darkness
An Aliens Mindset
Aliens Live in Reverent Fear
The Unconditional Love of an Alien
An Aliens Commitment to Growth
The Spiritual House of An Alien
An Alien can Change the World
An Alien can Change the World – Take 2
How An Alien Lives Under Authority
An Alien In The Workplace
Husbands and Wives, and How They Live Their Lives
How An Alien Thrives In a Hostile Culture
How an Alien Suffers Well
Jesus Turns Suffering Into Victory
Living with a Sense of Urgency
Finding Strength in Times of Suffering
Leaders, a Lion, and the Lord



Living in Light of Eternity:


Signs of the End Times: What to Watch For
When Will the Believing Be Leaving – The Rapture – Part 1
When Will the Believing Be Leaving – The Rapture – Part 2
The Crowning and the Ceremony
The Crowning and the Ceremony – Part 2
The Beginning of Birth Pains – Part 1
The Beginning of Birth Pains – Part 2
The Antichrist Takes Over
Blasting Trumpets and Super Bowls
The King Has Come
Heaven on Earth
Satan’s Last Stand and the Final Judgement
The Best is Yet to Come



Faithful Living in Turbulent Times:

How to Defeat the Seduction of Society
The God of the Impossible
Standing In Times of Testing
The King Who Went Crazy
God’s Graffiti
How To Tame Lions
The Ancient of Days and His Everlasting Kingdom
The Ram, the Goat, and the Zookeeper
The Effects of Righteous Prayer
A Peek Into Gods Prophetic Calendar
War In Heavenly Places
Who is the Antichrist
The Last Days